atTAcK Addiction Men's Recovery House

atTAcK addiction operates two houses in Delaware for men who are in recovery from substance abuse. The aim of our homes is to provide a safe, substance-free, structured, and supportive living environment for men who are in recovery.

The atTAcK addiction Men’s Recovery Residence


  • Delaware resident
  • Adult male over the age of 18
  • Identifiable history of substance abuse/dependence
  • Residents with co-occurring mental health disorders are eligible
  • Residents who are prescribed medications such as Methadone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol for opioid and/or alcohol dependency are also eligible

atTAcK addiction has two homes with a total of 16 beds for men who are in early recovery. The primary purpose of the house is to provide a safe, substance free, structured, and supportive living environment for men who are in recovery. Case management services are provided to residents to assist them with continued treatment and recovery, obtaining employment and budgeting.  Residents make a personal commitment to obtain a sponsor, actively work the 12 steps, and regularly attend AA/NA meetings.

atTAcK addiction Recovery House FAQ

What are the atTAcK addition Men’s Recovery Residences?
The atTAcK addiction Men’s Recovery Residences are homes for men who are active in recovery and serious about making positive lifestyle changes. Our homes are designed for men who need a safe and substance free environment to live in and who are working toward living independently. Our residents are required to maintain their sobriety during their stay and continue to participate in their recovery. We require residents to regularly with the case manager, obtain a sponsor, actively work the 12 steps, and attend AA/NA meetings regularly. Residents will be required to submit to urine drug screens and/or breathalyzers.

 Is there a cost?
There is no admission fee or deposit required; weekly rent payments are required once resident obtains employment and/or as deemed appropriate by the case manager.
No refunds will be issued at any time for any reason.

What is the maximum stay?
There is no maximum length of stay.

Can I leave the house when I want?
Generally, yes. There are groups and meetings that residents are required to attend. Residents are permitted to leave the house during approved times but must sign-out and leave a description of where they are going. Residents must also be in by curfew every night.

Are there a lot of rules?
This is a structured program with guidelines that help to create a sense of stability order to the house. A resident handbook containing all rules, policies and procedures is given to all residents who enter the program.  Residents are expected to follow the rules as described in the resident handbook.

Will I get my own room?
No, all residents share rooms.

Are my children allowed to stay with me?
No, dependents of any age are not permitted to stay in the house.

Are Meals provided?
No.  Case managers will assist residents with obtaining SNAP benefits (food stamps) and will assist them with supplementing their grocery needs via community offerings (local food pantries, donations, etc.).

What can I bring with me?
Residents will have minimal storage and will only be allowed to bring what will fit in their area. Resident should bring limited clothing and personal items.

Do I have to share a bathroom?
Yes, all homes have shared bathrooms.

Can I have visitors?
No, visitors are not permitted on the property.

Things to consider:

  1. Transportation is not provided. Residents are required to arrange their own transportation to appointments, meetings, work, etc.
  2. Medical Cost: Residents are responsible for all medical costs for prescriptions, copays, emergency treatment, etc.
  3. Residents are expected to provide their own food, hygiene items, etc.

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