Scholarship Program

Are you atTAcKing addiction?

atTAcK addiction is awarding scholarships to individuals who are making a positive difference in battling addiction.

Who is Eligible:

This program is open to any student who is pursuing a college education (2 or 4-year degree) or a certified trade program with one of the following eligibility items:

  • Currently in recovery and returning to college
  • Pursuing a behavioral science degree to make an impact in the field of substance use disorder in the future

How to Apply:

Students will be asked to write an essay explaining how they have had an impact or will impact  the fight against substance use disorder within their community or school. The essay should not exceed 500 words and should be submitted online toDawn Hess-Fischer.


  • Five $1000 scholarships
  • Applications are open from May 16th to August 21st
  • Winners announced in September